The 8 Suit

Your first serious tailor made suit

If you are considering a tailor-made suit then you should definitely come to us. Our 8 suit is the perfect first step in customization if you find the fit important. We make the 8 suit with half canvas and materials that we have in stock so we save logistic costs. As a result, we can already offer this suit including a fit for € 699. Because we stabilize the fabric with a vliseline we can make the jacket faster than with a 16 suit and that’s why it is called 8 suit. We make the suit in eight hours. The workshop works with our pattern and that offers an incredible amount of possibilities. Fully customized and given our short lines we can determine the pattern with unprecedented accuracy: unique tailor-made suits.

We make the pattern from scratch based on body measurements and we determine exactly the desired overruns and lines together with you. If you want to have a suit custom made then our experience and style is your ideal choice. A tailor’s experience that every gentleman wants to experience. The questions that we fire at you are many to come to that beautiful suit. If you choose us then you are of course the fit. That is why we offer new 8 suit customers a unique intermediate pass if you wish and allow the (ongoing) time. Such an intermediary is a jacket of a residual material so that we can fine-tune what you like and appreciate. Then we make your suit of the chosen fabric.

Maak direct afspraak

Our makes

The cloth and the amount of work determines the price

The 8 Suit

  • Half canvas binnenwerk
  • Diverse schouderverwerkingen
  • Keuze uit 122 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 8 uur
  • Eén pasmoment

The 16 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Ruime keuze schouderverwerking
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 16 uur
  • Eén of twee tussenpassen

The 32 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Volledig handgemaakt
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 32 uur
  • Twee tussenpassen

The 48 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Volledig handgemaakt in huis
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 48 uur
  • Minimaal vier tussenpassen

Why New Tailor?

We are a tailoring company and that craft is the only thing we do. So if you want your clothes to be unique, tell your stories want to have them  fitted, then you are at the right place at NEW TAILOR. Do not settle for suits and jackets that are not comfortable, where colleagues are walking around as well and choose a garment that lasts longer.

Go for tailored clothes that are beautiful, fine and appropriate. And choose NEW TAILOR if you want to use 20 years of experience and know how. Of course we will help you. Because it is not easy to make a choice from so many fabrics and possibilities. Read on or walk in for an introduction. We are happy to show you the possibilities.

Our own dressmaking, experience, extensive choice of fabrics, only natural materials, dedication and customer orientation are key elements of our company of about 12 persons. ‘We fit the head not the body’. Moreover, we do not let ourselves be distracted by of the pack garments and do only tailor-made suits. We can acclaim that we are the real specialist since 1997.

The options

Depending on your body, the cloth and desired appearance,  together we determine the amount of shoulder padding, type of sleeve heads, width and type of lapels, the shape of the front and of course the balance and make. The image of your suit is further refined with  type of pockets, color buttons, number of splits, pleats, zipper or button fly, whether or not a button fly, grow on,  after dinnersplit, belt or tractors, etc. etc .. Many questions perhaps….. the fabric and the style together with our taste ensures that we make a consistent and beautiful combination.

The pattern is plotted on the basis of your body measurements where we find the balance between the Italian and English fit. But let’s be honest: the Dutch are more like the English in terms of construction. Moreover, the English style is more diverse and gives even more comfort. Expect a higher waist and a higher closure button and plenty of room to move through the construction of the sleeve and shoulder. And of course we extensively talk about  the silhouette you like.

We fit the head not the body

Much is offered under the guise of a tailor-made suit that does not deserve this predicate. It stands in the first place with the person who measures your suit or jacket. He or she must be able to translate your wishes and posture into a model and pattern that suits your body and character. In addition to a good pattern, model and fabric for the outside, the interior is – just like with people – very important.

With a loose inner work (full canvas) the fabric retains its properties and the jacket moves to the wearer’s body. This makes your jacket feel like a second skin. An unlined jacket without shoulder padding reinforces this again. A half canvas suit ensures impeccability; the suit as a uniform. The big difference with custom-made clothing is that we are not bound to fixed patterns, rules or prescribed models. Everything is possible, as long as we agree with it of course.

Smoking of morning coat

Of course we tailor your tuxedo, overcoat or morning coat as well. A tuxedo has silk lapel, slit pockets and a silk trim on the pants. You can opt for a tuxedo from night blue and black; we usually take a thinner fabric, but velvet is also one of the possibilities in this method. We make tuxedos from € 799. Read more at our page on dresscodes.

Traditionally a jacket with striped pants, gray cardigan and black slip jacket is used for a morning coat. For the groom or the bride’s staff we also make morning coats in one color. We offer three-part morning coats from € 1170.

And if you want a tailor-made overcoat, you are also at the right address. Finally the right length, the right fabric and the model. We make overcoats from € 600.

Cloth offer

For the 8 suit you can choose from a ‘limited’ supply of our fabrics, but still a lot of choice for both business and casual suits. We work with fabrics from mainly Dugdale and Barberis for this range. For the casual suits we have the supply of Brisbane Moss cotton (also Moleskin and corduroy) and linen. For jackets we use of the fabrics from Moons among others.


Fully customized because we determine the patterns on the basis of body measurements. We do not settle for simply modifying an existing pattern. It starts with your wishes and the best materials. Only the best fabrics, the most beautiful buttons and haberdashery are good enough. We also set the same quality requirements for our espresso and the contact that we want to build with you.

How it goes

If you want please drop by to get acquainted. Of course you can also make an appointment to immediately choose the material, to have you fully measured and to determine your model of jacket and / or pants. Such an appointment lasts an hour on average. After that appointment we make your unique pattern, cut the fabric by hand and then manufacture your suit. If necessary, we first make a trial jacket so that we can be sure that the fit is as you want. The first pass is after about five weeks. We always put the final touches to your suit in the house for example the lengths of the pants. After six to seven weeks you are the proud owner of your first tailor’s suit.