Dress to the occasion and feel accordingly

We make suits, jackets and clothing for every occasion in which you come up suitably and soundly. Do you know all dress codes? We put them here in a row. A dress code helps you and your guests to go to the party in the right mood and promotes the group feeling. Sometimes (or often) a good idea.

White Tie

We know a dress suit by Fred Astaire, the conductor, the PhD student or paranimf or if you pick up your Nobel Prize and / or celebrate during a state banquet. Black trousers with double piping, black jacket with long slippage down to the knees and skirt white made of Marcella cotton.

Black Tie

A tuxedo is traditionally black or night blue. A waistcoat is a choice. A white or cream smoking jacket is cool in the summer and looks astonishing.  In winter, a velor tuxedo with Brandenburger cord can be cool. We make them all. Little Charlies with tartan pants is also possible.

Morning coat

The morning coat is worn during the day on formal occasions. The pants are mostly gray striped, the vest light gray and the jacket black. In the summer for wedding ceremonies, a linen cardigan or liver-colored wool is also very suitable for the cardigan. We also make them regularly in plain gray or steel blue.

Dark suit

The dark blue suit is the best choice for occasions where you certainly do not want to be underdressed. Anthracite gray can also be used during the day. The greater the contrast with the shirt, the more formal and powerful. Not for nothing much worn by leaders. A dark blue suit should ‘almost’ hang in your closet.

Business wear

Formerly the stripe and this dessin comes back slowly. But business wear is the typical tenue de ville. Gray or blue in all kinds of variants. Possibly in a Birdseye, herringbone or with a stripe (je). Usually worn with a tie and dark brown or black shoes.

Tenue de Ville

If Tenue de Ville is asked, you can ‘just’ wear a suit usually with a tie. Also a combination of gray trousers and a blue jacket (no blazer) is very good. It is therefore neater than (business) casual and less formal than a completely dark suit and can also have other colors.

Business casual

More freedom in terms of picking the cloths and clothes. Even combination will do. These are the suits that you see at network meetings, drinks and in many offices. A dress code that allows a lot and you can show a lot of yourself. And if you do not, that is also a choice.


Casual is also a dress code. Wear something dressed like a nice shirt, whether or not a jacket (depending on location and time), neat trousers like dark jeans or rather a nice Chino or Moleskin.


In the driving yacht, tweed is obsolete by rain-resistant clothing. For the hunting of winged game and the tableau you want a (own) tweed. With plus four, hunting vest and your coat with room for your patterns and shooting folds. Let me see your hunting license.

How to tie a tie

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