Congratulations with your intended marriage! The corona virus most likely changes plans. Yet it remains a special day that you can look forward to and prepare for. We like to think along with you! Our experience is that it is an exciting, but above all a great time. You suddenly start thinking about details that you would normally never worry about. From the daily schedule to gifts, from accessories to the flowers and from seating arrangements to the decoration. And most importantly: have you already figured out what you want to wear on the day?

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We ask about your wishes, who you are and what the day looks like. A wedding suit that you wear on the beach looks different from a wedding suit that you wear in a fairytale environment of a castle. Of course we ensure that your suit, with or without that unique vest, can also be worn well afterwards for other parties or your work. This way you not only look great that one day, but also feel fantastic and confident every other time you wear our suit.

How we work

NEW TAILOR has been the address for tailor-made clothing in the Netherlands since 1997, which breathes new life into the tailor’s tradition. A tailored suit, jacket or shirt is often seen as a luxury. Because nobody is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. We are ready for your smart casual outfit, your business suit, your wedding suit and for any other occasion. All our clothing is made to measure. Naturally we also advise you on a customized basis.

During an appointment we take all the time to make an inventory of your wishes, to find the right fabric that matches the season, your skin color and the purpose of your clothing and appearance. We have so many fabrics that we help choose. Then we usually choose the lining and buttons. The model of the jacket is determined by the width and type of shoulder, lapel width, button and waist height, lengths, degree of cutting away and of course the type of pockets. For the pants we choose the number of belt folds, the belt processing, type of pockets, closure, etc.. By measuring you extensively and looking closely at the postures, we can make the pattern. Making a suit is not science. It’s an art.

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Our Make

Method and fabric determine the price

The 16 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in ongeveer 16 uur
  • Eén of twee tussenpassen
  • Handgemaakt in India

The 32 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in ongeveer 32 uur
  • Twee tussenpassen
  • Volledig handgemaakt in Italië

The 48 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in ongeveer 48 uur
  • Minimaal vier tussenpassen
  • Volledig handgemaakt in huis

Bridal Staff

Not only you as a groom want to appear in a nice suit in front of the altar. Your (in-law) father, witnesses, master of ceremonie and friends will also start the search for a suitable suit. Take them with you during your orientation meeting and then we will take all the time to guide your bridal staff in the search. Would you like your bridal staff to wear the same thing or a certain color? We like to think along with you!
As a witness or as a happy father, would you like to surprise the groom or bride with a tailor-made suit? Then come to NEW TAILOR. While enjoying an espresso, we would like to hear everything about the intended wedding of your friend, son or daughter and do everything we can to surprise him or her. We first look at who you are and then show you different fabrics and manufacturing methods. We will make you want to wear this suit more often after the wedding.
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5 reasons to choose NEW TAILOR

Nobody is average. We are happy to talk to you to find out what suits you. After all, you are what you wear (for others). That is why we look at various things for example in which environment you work and live, who you are, which manufacturing method suits you and which fabrics you like. A tailored suit or shirt is often seen as a luxury, because nobody is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. Do you no longer need a bespoke suit? Also for your smart casual outfit you are at the right place.

We work with the best fabric houses, such as Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Drapers, Carnet, Harrisons, Fox and Huddersfield to create your bespoke clothing, business wear and smart casual outfit.

By producing personally for everyone, we know how to keep our “waste” as low as possible. We also like to work with traceable fabrics that burden the environment as little as possible. We also offer fabrics that do not contain any animal substances.

By working with good quality fabrics, our suits last for years. Because we love our craft, we take care of and maintain your suit over the years.

NEW TAILOR is one of the few tailors that makes full bespoke suits in their own ateliers. This bespoke method has the advantage that we also fully model the interior on your body. You will remember this sartorial experience throughout your life, because you also follow all the steps in the creative process, because you can try on regularly.

NEW TAILOR is the tailor in Amsterdam and Utrecht that has been around since 1997. In both locations there is an atelier where our tailors work on the best fit for your suit, shirt or pants. Are you looking for more inspiration or are you looking for items that match your wardrobe? You are also at the right place at NEW TAILOR for advice on your wardrobe or which colors suit you best.

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Make an orientation appointment in Amsterdam or Utrecht without any obligation and experience our hospitality and endless knowledge so that we can make the most beautiful bespoke outfit for you.

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