The Bespoke Shirt

A good shirt separates you from the rest and it shows that you choose for quality. The shirts of NEW TAILOR are distinguished by their perfect fit and quality visible in every detail. Very fine stitching, unlimited choice of collars, cuffs, other details and an extreme wide selection of fabrics. In addition, the interlining of the collar and cuffs are adjusted to your wishes, season and fabric. The genuine mother-of-pearl buttons ensure a luxurious appearance. The selection and measurement of one or multiple shirts usually takes about a half hour.

We consult you about the appearance, the fabric, crease resistance, the fit and many other aspects. We measure your body at twelve points and we take a comprehensive look at your posture to ensure the right fit. Moreover, together we decide on the slimness of the shirt and the proper sleeve length.

Four to five weeks later the shirts are ready to wear. Our shirts start at €149,00.

Knowledge of

At NEW TAILOR we make tailored clothing ranging from suits, jackets, shirts, overcoats, trousers to vests and capes. We have been doing this with passion and enthusiasm since 1997 with a great team. More than 17 years of experience as a bespoke tailor and a skilled team ensures the best patterns, suits, shirts and service.

Love for

Expertise and craftsmanship lead to quality. We have been schooling tailors for years, have our own master tailor and examine every suit and shirt to the smallest detail. It starts with your desires and the most refined cloths. We only use the most beautiful fabrics, the best buttons and the finest haberdasheries. We apply the same quality requirements to our service as well as the coffee served in our shops.

A sense of

Bespoke. Not made for everyone but especially for you. We can make anything you want, as long as we agree with it. At NEW TAILOR, we consider people as a source of inspiration. First, we like to focus on the perfect basic wardrobe since our suits are hardwearing. We adore the cool classic English style and we love the subtleness and refinedness of Italian tailoring. In addition, we like making special items such as hunting clothing, traveljackets and unique rally jackets.

  • The 2 Shirt
  • 99Available from
    • 12 collars

    • 4 cuffs

    • 120 cloths

    • delivery time of 4 weeks

    • fully tailored

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Best seller
  • The 4 Shirt
  • 169Available from
    • 90 collars
    • 30 cuffs
    • 2000 cloths
    • delivery time of 5 weeks
    • fully tailored

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Best choice
  • The 6 Shirt
  • 289Available from
    • fully tailored
    • very fine stitching
    • mother-of-pearl buttons
    • extensive selection of collars
    • More than 2000 fabrics

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The 2 shirt’ has  an excellent bespoke shirt for only €149,00. All colors and cuffs available of course. Beside regular shirts we over a pop-over shirt in this line. Very nice to wear more casual. Cloths available in linnen and lots of 100% cotton.

Prices start at € 99,00


In line with ‘the 16 Suit’ we have developed ‘the 4 shirt’. Unmatched in fit, quality, finishing and amount of options. The shirts are luxurious, hardwearing and therefore very high quality. The shirts are made with Emanuel Berg in Gdansk, Poland. One of the most clean and well made shirts in the world.

Prices start at € 169,00


These beautiful shirts are made entirely by hand. The seams are double-stitched instead of triple-stitched which results in an even more soft and comfortable feel. The 6 Shirt is considered a true sartorial pleasure for the real enthusiast.


  • Fully tailored according to your measurements
  • Very fine stitching
  • Fully hand made
  • Extensive selection of collars (more than 90)
  • Wide selection of cuffs (more than 30)
  • More than 200 fabrics and the full range of Canclini
  • Also with Neapolitan pleated sleeve heads
  • Delivery time of six weeks

Prices start at €299,00