Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability at NEW TAILOR

Sustainability has been woven into our DNA since we started in 1997. In fact, it was the foundation of NEW TAILOR. We only make clothing after ordering. Only 0.2% of the clothing is never worn because of a possible failure or because it serves as an example. We are constantly inspired by our customers and follow trends on fairs and social media. Because all clothing is consciously selected together with the customer, it is also worn more consciously and longer.

Which aspect of sustainability is most important differs for everyone. From animal welfare, CO-2 emissions, water use, working conditions, how often it can be worn and what percentage of waste is. Let’s face it, we are not over-principled, but we feel it is our job to start improving the chain every year. The climate emergency is reason to allow sustainability and responsibility to penetrate into every aspect of our business.

We have a closer look at the manufacture of our clothing and from now on we do that every year and will report on improvements here. Like everyone, we are on a journey when it comes to sustainability. We are not perfect but we try to make a difference on every occasion we can. You can read how we do that below.


What we regularly discuss with all our partners

  1. Our garments are made for multiple use
  2. We consider animal welfare (RWS or GOTS quality mark) important
  3. The salary at our suppliers must be above average for all of us to benefit
  4. Energy reuse increases annually or is offset by green energy
  5. Recycling of materials is promoted and deployed where possible by, among other things, processing only single material
  6. Reducing water consumption is not only part of the cost-saving program
  7. Reduce CO-2 and thus energy consumption in factories and limit flight movements by grouping logistics
  8. Safety of production locations must be high; there are public reports of any mishaps and accidents
  9. Reducing chemicals in dyes for the fabric
  10. We prevent child labor and promote the education of all people in the chain

Wear often less maintenance

Our clothing is not for single use but must be suitable for multiple occasions. We are always looking for that together with the customer. We also share where the wool and other raw materials come from, how the clothing is made and how you can best take care of it. This increases the involvement with the clothing and you will take better care of it.

Surveys and interviews with customers show that our clothing can often be worn after seven years and worn an average of 200 times. Much more than the average of clothes in the average wardrobe of the Dutch man: seven times. Seven versus two hundred times. How sustainable do you want it? Wool products also require less maintenance and water to stay clean due to the self-cleaning nature. We propagate that suits and jackets need to be brought to the dry cleaner once every six months. Also for (colored) shirts we recommend not to wash them after a day.


Origin of clothing

Our suits and jackets are produced by artisans in Bangalore, India and Italy. Also in Amsterdam and Utrecht. The shirts are made in Gdansk, Poland and Castella Grotte, Italy. In all countries, we work with local artisans as part of our commitment to keeping their age-old techniques alive. A SMETA ethical audit is carried out annually at our suppliers in India.

Atelier achtergrond


Regarding the shipment of fabric or garments, we work with DHL and GLS sustainable shipping service, so we only ship our orders in batches collected. We also recycle all our shipping materials as much as possible and pack as much as possible in groups.

Smart casual ruit blauw shirt fietsend

In our shops

We also integrate sustainability into our business at the micro level, from giving to charities to what we eat and how we clean our stores. Of course we separate the waste. We serve ordinary tap water, with or without carbonation and eat at least 50% vegetarian.

NEW TAILOR pand Utrecht 2019


Here you will find the latest environmental policies of the largest supplier of suit fabrics: Dormeuil. For shirt fabrics, see Albini’s policy here.

Dormeuil tonik wool sheep

Special Wool

We have wool from Brisbane, Loro Piana and Dugdale that is not dyed and therefore only has natural shades from light beige to brown. Very beautiful and better for the environment. Barberis fabrics are made under one roof. From wool to finishing so that the number of transport movements is limited. The system is also set up in such a way that the water is reused and that fish can swim in the cleaned water. The fabrics from England are all made in the vicinity of Huddersfield. The spinning mill, weaving mill and finishers are almost neighbors of the warehouses from which Dormeuil and Harrisons send our fabrics in groups. Water reuse is also the norm here.

Suitable sheep & Cotton to Shirt

In 2014 we made a book with beautiful photos by Eiko Waleson together with Dormeuil and Myriad Design. The image report shows the story from sheep to your suit. If you know what it takes to make your suit and how many people are involved, you may want to skip style. That way, what you wear every day gets more value.

The trip took us to spinning mills, weavers, finishers and of course Dormeuil’s logistics hub in Huddersfield where we order all fabrics from Dugdale, Harissons, P&G, W. Bill and Dormeuil for you by jacket or suit. Unfortunately we have not yet been to New Zealand or Australia to take pictures of the sheep and wool auctions ourselves.

In 2011 we made Cotton to Shirt to do the same for making cotton and shirts.
Below you can view Suitable Sheep. Click here to view Cotton to Shirt.


Vegan Suit

In 2020 we introduced the Vegan Suit. For this we only use cotton, linen and hemp. No “man made fibers”. And of course no horn buttons, but of stone walnut, for example.

vegan suit maatpak


We would love to hear your ideas on how we can further shape our policy.
Please contact Roel Wolbrink to discuss further.



NEW TAILOR’s brand promises

We think clothing should be very personal, not a mass product. You must like it. So first we want to know who you are. We look in which environment you move, what you feel comfortable in and which way of making you prefer. Not quite sure what suits you? No problem! We are the experts and are happy to take you through our process and advice you. We therefore guarantee that you like the chosen outfit. If not, we will make it again. But because we get to know you well, we trust that your outfit suits you completely and is unique. A highly personal beautiful guarantee. We would like to start over if you don’t like the outfit*

*Maximum 1 time and you should follow our advice

Tailored clothing is often seen as luxury. But everyone is unique and that is why we see it as a pleasant necessity. We make all our clothing completely tailor-made for you. You decide how we make your suits, shirts and pants. So unique, just like you. Of course we also advise you tailor-made. And do you change weight in the meantime? That can happen, nothing to worry about. We give a 3-year fit guarantee on pants, jackets, suits so that your clothing fits and continues to fit.*

* No more than 5 cm difference after first measurement and maximum 1 time

If your clothes fits you well, you feel well and your qualities are better reflected. Your entire environment benefits from this. And it also lasts longer. Everything lasts longer and gets added value if you pay attention to it. And we like to give that attention. We do everything consciously. You also consciously choose slow fashion because you know that timeless outfits say a lot more about you. By producing personally for everyone, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We also work with natural and reusable materials. We offer a sustainability guarantee and guarantee that the fabrics will last for at least three years under normal use. We take care of your outfit as if it were our own. So feel free to come by for a free maintenance.

Selecting tailor-made clothing and having it made is an experience in itself. NEW TAILOR is one of the few tailors in Europe that can still make a full suit in house. And we do this with a lot of love. Our shops in Amsterdam and Utrecht have a workshop where our tailors work on the best fit for your suit, shirt or pants. In addition, we always like to put on the finishing touches in our workshop. We can always adjust something to your outfit, even afterwards. We only work with enthusiasts of this craft for anyone who appreciates this craft. And that is appreciated. That is why we score a 4.8 on Google Review.