The 48 Suit

 Dutch Bespoke

For years we have been training our own tailors to be able to make suits at home, to continually improve our patterns and to experience the craft over and over again. What a nice job we have. The 48 suit is made entirely in house by Anja Molenaar or Pauline Brun. And 48 hours is the effective time to make the suit. Really bespoke because the measurements, the drawing, the making of a test model, the building up of the canvas, the four intermediate steps and the manufacturing of the suit are done by one and the same person. Dutch Bespoke.

Our makes

make and cloth determines the price

The 8 Suit

  • Half canvas binnenwerk
  • Diverse schouderverwerkingen
  • Keuze uit 122 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 8 uur
  • Eén pasmoment

The 16 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Ruime keuze schouderverwerking
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 16 uur
  • Eén of twee tussenpassen

The 32 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Volledig handgemaakt
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 32 uur
  • Twee tussenpassen

The 48 Suit

  • Full canvas verwerking
  • Volledig handgemaakt in huis
  • Keuze uit 6.500 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 48 uur
  • Minimaal vier tussenpassen

Why full bespoke?

A suit that is made for you in Utrecht or Amsterdam is an experience that every man wants to experience at least once. It is unique that it is still possible at New Tailor. And we are proud of that. The pattern is first molded onto your body in a test cotton. The final finishing touch in terms of model and details is realized in the final fabric. The inside work is also modeled on your body so that it fits even better than a 32 suit. However, we use fewer machines in Utrecht and Amsterdam, which makes it slightly heavier than the Italian suit. The result for the jacket is unrivaled.

The options

The pattern is plotted on the basis of your body measurements where we find the balance between the Italian and English fit. But let’s be honest: the Dutch are more like the English. Moreover, the English style is more diverse and gives even more comfort. Expect a higher waist and a higher closure button and plenty of room to move through the construction of the sleeve and pants. Depending on your construction and desired appearance, we choose together for the amount of shoulder padding, sleeves, width and type of lapel, degree of cutting of the pawns and of course the balance and transitions. The image of your suit is of course determined by the make, construction,  type of pockets,  buttons, number of pleats, width of the lapel, belt or side adjusters, etc. etc. Many questions but the fabric and style that you want make us a consistent and beautiful combination going to make. The advantage of the 48 suit is that the final model is only determined after two intermediate passes. That way you grow figuratively in your own jacket. A true experience. Also for us. Every time again.


For the 48 suit you can choose from our complete range of fabrics. We like to work with the finest fabrics for this line but not too thin because of durability and drape. Moreover it fits with the interior what we construct at home. Consider the fabrics from Dormeuil, Lesser and Harrisons because these fabric houses offer a nice density of fabrics, which makes the suit look good and lasts a long time. Each house has its own characteristics so that you always go home with the right fabric with the right amount of shine. For jackets we also use the fabrics from Fox, John G Hardy and Drapers.

Tailored suit

Rightly a tailor’s suit because only three machines are involved. A lock machine, a press table and the sewing machine itself. And of course a lot of hours of manual work with the thimble. We do not settle for simply modifying an existing pattern. It starts with your wishes and the best materials. Only the best fabrics, the most beautiful buttons and haberdashery are good enough. We also set the same quality requirements for our espresso and the contact that we want to build with you.