The 16 Suit

Full canvas made with the machine

Modern Craftsmanship

For over fifteen years we have worked with our British atelier to make bespoke suits, jackets and trousers. There are endless possibilities to create the desired appearance and our close collaboration with the atelier enables us to determine the suitable details, interlinings and patterns.

We offer the 16 suit with a full canvas construction in winter of summer variation, which provides a even better and more comfortable fit. The cloth will maintain its natural drape. Therefor you will move around in your jacket even better because it settles to your movements easier. The pattern is made from scratch with a cad cam system starting with your body measurements and wishes. You can choose for a natural, Neapolitan or English roped sleeve head, there is an extensive choice of all possible details (e.g. pocket type, width lapels, etc.). We use at least one fitting after 6 weeks to determine the best fit. The suit will be finished on our premises. The cloths available for this range are  from among other Dormeuil, Harrisons, Porter & Harding, Dugdale, Zegna and Scabal. This suit is tailored in approximately 16 hours, therefor we call this range the 16 suit.

Why New Tailor?

Personal clothing

Suits and shirt of  NEW TAILOR gives you the certainty of the perfect fit, comfort and appearance. Once your measurements and preferences are known it also provides the easy reordering.  Every visit to our stores will be fun and an enlightment  of hospitality and craftsmanship. Clothing is your your first impression for others and will determine your mood partly. As a butler we will look after your appearance and wardrobe. We fit the head, not the body.

Our makes

The make and the cloth determines the price

The 16 Suit

  • Full canvas
  • Different shoulder
  • Choice of 6.500 cloths
  • Made in 16 hours
  • one or two fittings

The 32 Suit

  • Full canvas
  • Full Handmade
  • Choice of 6.500 cloths
  • Made in 32 hours
  • two fittings

The 48 Suit

  • Full canvas
  • Volledig handgemaakt in huis
  • Choice of 6.500 cloths
  • Made in 48 hours
  • > 3 fittings

About the 16 suit

Video in dutch

Why choose for full canvas?

We offer the 16 suit with a full canvas construction in winter of summer variation, which provides a even better and more comfortable fit. The cloth will maintain its natural drape. The canvas gives stability and structure to your jacket. As a result, you occasionally see a pleat when you move, but the jacket stays in its shape as it is intended by us and you will like it. The canvas of a 16 suit consists of 3 layers: canvas, cotton wool and cotton. If necessary, we can leave a layer for summer clothes for a lighter jacket. Literally and figuratively. The inside is put in by hand  your jacket with the lapel being pecked making the lapels roll nicely. This way the jacket keeps its natural fall everywhere and you will show that every minute of the day. After all, you are what you wear.

Marcel calypso

The options

Depending on the desired appearance, the fabric and your construction, we choose together for the amount of shoulder padding, sleeve head, width and type of lapels, degree of cutting of the pawns and of course the balance and transitions. The image of your suit is further determined by the type of pockets, color of the buttons, number of vents,  pleats, belt or side adjuster, brace buttons, etc. etc. Many questions perhaps you never considered before but we will help. Moreover the fabric and style you like to achieve already determines a big deal.  The pattern is plotted on the basis of your body measurements where we find the balance between the Italian and English fit. tend to choose for the latter because the English style is more diverse and gives even more comfort. Expect a higher waist and a higher closing button and, a pronounced waist and room to move around through the construction of the sleeve.

Full Bespoke

We still make suits on the premises. This full bespoke suit gives the opportujnity to discuss even the canvas which will be build for you body. This sartorial experience is the best a gentleman can ask for. All steps, from a fitting in cotton to the last step of choosing the button wholes will be a tailored adventure that last a decade because we use the best cloths as well. Besides building the pattern and constructing your suit in Utrecht or Amsterdam we can send your pattern to England, India or Italia as well depending on the amount of handwork, the type of canvas and of course your budget. It starts with your wishes and expectations of the suit. Only the best cloths, buttons and trims are good enough for your suit and shirt.

How it works

We invite you to drop by for any questions and feel the atmosphere. If you like to be measured and find the right cloth, please make an appointment because we need more time.  We need an hour on average. After your order we make an unique pattern, cut the cloth and sew all parts together. In some cases we prefer to make a test jacket in cotton or wool first. The first fit is after five weeks.  The final adjustments and finishing is done on our premises like the length of the trousers and sleeves. After about seven weeks you are the proud owner of an unique piece of clothing. Just for you.


If you chooses for the 16 suit you can choose for the full ranges of cloth merchants we work with like Dormeuil, Harissons, LBD, Lesser, Dugdale, JJ Minis & Huddersfield. We work with the merchants that provides us with cloth that are durable and have a perfect drape. Every merchants has its own characteristics in terms of shine, finishing and density besides the dessin of course.   For jackets we work a lot with  Fox, Moons, John G Hardy, Carnet, Caccioppoli & Drapers. Of course we offer cloths for your morning coat, tailcoat, tuxedo, waistcoat and hunting jacket. A hunting suit we like to make with a plus four, hunting vest en jacket with shooting pleats.

Volledig op maat want we bepalen de patronen op basis van lichaamsmaten. We nemen geen genoegen met het simpel aanpassen van een bestaand patroon. Het begint bij jouw wensen en de beste materialen. Alleen de beste stoffen, de mooiste knopen en fournituren zijn goed genoeg. Diezelfde kwaliteitseisen stellen we ook aan onze espresso en het contact wat we met jou willen opbouwen.