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If the suit is too formal, what do you wear? You want to look good and professional. We are happy to help with that. We make jackets, trousers, cardigans and shirts in all shapes. We like to make clothes that say everything about you. That gives you confidence. We also make smart casual jackets and trousers in different ways, but always completely tailored to your body measurements. Our (smart) casual jackets have full canvas processing for more comfort.
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The description Business casual or Smart casual already gives you direction: between formal and casual. Much has to do with the fabric and of course the model. Stay away from plain blue and gray suits with too much shine with this dress code. Stripes also evoke more associations with business wear. Choose coarser fabrics and colors such as green or brown. Large windows are also more striking and therefore smart casual rather than business wear. Opt for a combination of smart pants and a jacket instead of a whole suit. Tweeds or flannel are also less formal than the smooth fabrics. Sometimes with neat shoes and a shirt and tie. Next time with cool shoes or sneakers and a turtleneck or polo. It is all a bit more relaxed than the suit or “business wear”. Smart or business casual is therefore tidier than just casual where you often just put on those jeans and a t-shirt or just a polo.


maatshirt linnen bruin

Bespoke shirt from €119

Some days a suit is too much. A good shirt is then sufficient to look dressed and powerful. Smart casual shirts can be made in many types of fabrics. Think of knitted, jersey, coarser oxford, thicker cotton, flannel, denim and prints. And then of course we have linen in the summer and combinations of linen and cotton. For your casual shirts, stay away from popelines and twill because they are too thin or have too much shine. The quality of the shirt becomes even more visible. Shirts become even more casual with a loose interior in collar, cuff and frame (unglued), other buttons (for example brown mother-of-pearl or horn), pleated sleeves and more visible topstitching. In addition to the standard white, light blue and striped shirts, you never have enough shirts.


maatbroek chino op maat broek

Bespoke trouser from €249

Jeans are often too casual. Suit trousers require a jacket. But which pants match your smart casual look? In the summer, choose very open woven wool, cotton or linen. And moleskin, thick cavalry twill or flannel pants in the winter. The latter is the neatest of the three winter variants; also because it often has a fold (pleated) on the front leg. A moleskin is a really thick cotton that looks like the skin of a … mole. Moleskin and other cotton trousers can be nicely incorporated into a chino as the model is called trousers without pleats, side pullers and side pockets. The back becomes sportier with a flap pocket. The side seams of a pants can be made tougher with a hood seam. By making the band slightly higher and adding belt loops that are also slightly larger, you get even more styling options. In addition to fabric and details, casual pants are often worn a little lower and tighter. Rolling up the legs also adds something. And by staying away from blue, gray and other dark colors you make it more accessible.


maatjasje double breasted jasje zomer reda

Bespoke jacket from €549

Unlined, unconstructed (so without interior), no shoulder padding, pleated sleeve insert, tougher buttons, coarser or open woven fabrics and other pockets make a jacket less formal. Casual jackets are now often slightly shorter than suit jackets. Plenty of options. Also consider other materials that you would use less for your suits such as bamboo, cotton, linen and tweeds. Knitted fabrics such as jerseys are also an option. Extra comfortable also because it contains natural stretch. Jackets with patch pockets, with or without pleats and flaps or curves, accentuate each jacket. A back pleat or a band on the back gives a sportier and therefore more casual look. And if you find a jacket too neat, think of an overshirt or a cardigan with lapels.


5 reasons to choose NEW TAILOR

Nobody is average. We are happy to talk to you to find out what suits you. After all, you are what you wear (for others). That is why we look at various things for example in which environment you work and live, who you are, which manufacturing method suits you and which fabrics you like. A tailored suit or shirt is often seen as a luxury, because nobody is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. Do you no longer need a bespoke suit? Also for your smart casual outfit you are at the right place.

We work with the best fabric houses, such as Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Drapers, Carnet, Harrisons, Fox and Huddersfield to create your bespoke clothing, business wear and smart casual outfit.

By producing personally for everyone, we know how to keep our “waste” as low as possible. We also like to work with traceable fabrics that burden the environment as little as possible. We also offer fabrics that do not contain any animal substances.

By working with good quality fabrics, our suits last for years. Because we love our craft, we take care of and maintain your suit over the years.

NEW TAILOR is one of the few tailors that makes full bespoke suits in their own ateliers. This bespoke method has the advantage that we also fully model the interior on your body. You will remember this sartorial experience throughout your life, because you also follow all the steps in the creative process, because you can try on regularly.

NEW TAILOR is the tailor in Amsterdam and Utrecht that has been around since 1997. In both locations there is an atelier where our tailors work on the best fit for your suit, shirt or pants. Are you looking for more inspiration or are you looking for items that match your wardrobe? You are also at the right place at NEW TAILOR for advice on your wardrobe or which colors suit you best.

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