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Shooting wear from NEW TAILOR

New Tailor also makes various types of clothing for hunting and garments that were originally intended for that. Plus fours (knits), jackets with a storm colar, shooting pleats, shoulder pieces and extra large pockets for provisions and sleeves, for example in the form of bellow pockets. We also offer a Monarch vest, hunting vest and fieldcoat. The fabrics we use for hunting clothing are for example from Moon, LBD, Harissons and Harris Tweeds from Hunt & Winterbottom and McGee, among others. The jackets from the shooting collection can of course also be beautifully worn on Moleskin trousers or jeans.

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The brown gun club check jacket / suit

The peaky blinders are back with season six. The 1930s were rougher, colder and tougher than the current era. However, the suits from that time can now be seen as the true classic. Slightly thinner and smoother woven than the fabrics from almost 1200 years ago, but in the classic designs. Donegals, Glen Checks, the dog tooth and this gun club. Can be worn as an outer jacket but also as beautiful as a whole suit when you go hunting, you can go to an opening or just want to stroll through the woods, fields and streets. If you have this suit made in three parts, you can easily wear all three parts separately with jeans, pants and / or shirt. By keeping the shoulder processing as smooth as possible, it will wear like a sweater. With shooting folds and a leather shoulder piece, of course, also very suitable as hunting clothing. Then consider a hunting vest. A sleeveless jacket and extra large patch pockets over a sweater is the perfect alternative to the vest.

The tweed jacket and / or suit with herringbone and windshield

A hunting suit is an asset to any wardrobe. After all, all items can also be worn separately. The jacket as a kind of outer jacket or as a jacket on jeans or flannel pants, the vest as an alternative to the sweater and the pants as a tougher variant on a moleskin or jeans. As three- or two-piece, the most casual suit we can imagine for winter. Hunting suits are often woven in a tweed fabric because they are extra warm and suitable for the types of wool that are used. We think this beige variant is a real classic. With the window in a brighter color (big game does not see colors), this suit only attracts people.

Bring colors in the fabric back into the shirt, tie or other accessory to make it stand out. In this case you could very well wear a blue turtleneck under this jacket or a jeans shirt in almost the same color. This way you give the suit / jacket and yourself an extra powerful appearance. Coarser fabrics also include coarser shoes. In the first instance, think of a shoe with a rubber sole. The Chelsea boot is perhaps the neatest shoe you can wear underneath.


NEW TAILOR's brand promises

We think clothing should be very personal, not a mass product. You must like it. So first we want to know who you are. We look in which environment you move, what you feel comfortable in and which way of making you prefer. Not quite sure what suits you? No problem! We are the experts and are happy to take you through our process and advice you. We therefore guarantee that you like the chosen outfit. If not, we will make it again. But because we get to know you well, we trust that your outfit suits you completely and is unique. A highly personal beautiful guarantee. We would like to start over if you don’t like the outfit.*
*maximum 1 time and you should follow our advice
Tailored clothing is often seen as luxury. But everyone is unique and that is why we see it as a pleasant necessity. We make all our clothing completely tailor-made for you. You decide how we make your suits, shirts and pants. So unique, just like you. Of course we also advise you tailor-made. And do you change weight in the meantime? That can happen, nothing to worry about. We give a 3-year fit guarantee on pants, jackets, suits so that your clothing fits and continues to fit.*
* no more than 5 cm difference after first measurement and maximum 1 time
If your clothes fit you well, you feel well and your qualities are better reflected. Your entire environment benefits from this. And it also lasts longer. Everything lasts longer and gets added value if you pay attention to it. And we like to give that attention. We do everything consciously. You also consciously choose slow fashion because you know that timeless outfits say a lot more about you. By producing personally for everyone, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We also work with natural and reusable materials. We offer a sustainability guarantee and guarantee that the fabrics will last for at least three years under normal use. We take care of your outfit as if it were our own. So feel free to come by for a free maintenance.
Selecting tailor-made clothing and having it made is an experience in itself. NEW TAILOR is one of the few tailors in Europe that can still make a full suit in house. And we do this with a lot of love. Our shops in Amsterdam and Utrecht have a workshop where our tailors work on the best fit for your suit, shirt or pants. In addition, we always like to put on the finishing touches in our workshop. We can always adjust something to your outfit, even afterwards. We only work with enthusiasts of this craft for anyone who appreciates this craft. And that is appreciated. That is why we score a 4.8 on Google Review.

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