MTM Shirts

The 2, 4 and 6 Shirt

Shirts are becoming increasingly important because you do not always have that jacket on. A good shirt distinguishes you from the crowd and shows that you choose quality. A collar that stays nice and does not collapse. Nowhere too small or too big. And of course for visibly beautiful fabrics. Finished with real mother-of-pearl buttons. NEW TAILOR shirts are distinguished by their fit and quality down to the last detail. Very fine stitching, unlimited choice of collars, cuffs, other details and extremely many fabrics. The inside of the collar and cuff are also adapted to the type of carrier, season and fabric. Choosing and measuring one or more shirts takes about half an hour. We are happy to advise you on the appearance, design, wrinkle resistance, the model, et cetera. We take twelve measures for one month and look extensively at the posture. Together with you, we determine among other things the degree of tailoring and the sleeve lengths. The shirts are ready to wear about four to five weeks later. We have three lines just like the suits. The 2-shirts are slightly less rich than the 4-shirts. The 6 shirts are made of the same fabrics as the 4-shirts but then completely by hand; this ensures even more wearing comfort. Our shirts start at € 99.00. The more refined the canvas and the more manual work, the higher the prices and the pleasure of wearing.


We started tailoring 21 years ago because we think clothing and service should start with you. You are the starting point from every we do and of course we help you choose. And that’s what we hear back from our customers who are more often known and friends than just customers. Once you have a tailor-made suit or tailor-made shirt, you probably want more. It is no coincidence that 80% of our customers return within two years. But even if you want to make clothes once, for example for your wedding party, you are more than welcome.

  • Jos Kraaijeveld

    Kind and professional people that make beautiful suits. They made my wedding suit and did an outstanding job. Thought along well in the process of choosing the design and fabric, communicated well and were quick to respond and act when I asked for a last minute adaption.
    All this made me a very happy customer.

    Silvester Spendel

    Gevoel voor stijl. Ze verstaan hun vak. Brengen je op ideeën waar je zelf misschien niet direct aan dacht. Maar naast hun vakkennis is het meest plezierige dat ze goed naar je luisteren. Je serieus nemen. Je komt altijd terug als je er eenmaal bent geweest.

  • Stefan in `t Veld

    Service en kwaliteit hoog in vaandel.

    Brian Buchanan

    Had a great experience here working with Pim to create my wedding suit! He spent a lot of time getting to know my fiancée and me and what we were trying to accomplish, and he and guided us smoothly through the process.

    As a vegan, it was important to me to buy a suit that did not have any animal-derived products, and Pim had experience working with several plant-based/man-made fabrics that we could chose from.

    The suit was ready earlier than promised and we were very pleased with the result and the value.

  • Jurry Oortwijn

    Very nice and helpful.

    Alexander van Helvoort

    Goede ervaring t.a.v. het laten opmeten van maatshirts, goed geholpen door vakkundig personeel met duidelijk advies. Prettige en relaxte sfeer in de winkel, wel is het aan te raden om een afspraak te maken via de website.

    Klein aandachtspunt: door de indeling en het gebruik van de winkel op de begane grond lijkt er soms wat gebrek aan ruimte te zijn als er veel klanten tegelijkertijd geholpen worden.

How it works?

Knowledge of tailoring

At NEW TAILOR we make tailored clothing ranging from suits, jackets, shirts, overcoats, trousers to vests and capes. We have been doing this with passion and enthusiasm since 1997 with a great team. More than 17 years of experience as a bespoke tailor and a skilled team ensures the best patterns, suits, shirts and service.

Love for craftsmanship

Expertise and craftsmanship lead to quality. We have been schooling tailors for years, have our own master tailor and examine every suit and shirt to the smallest detail. It starts with your desires and the most refined cloths. Only the most beautiful fabrics, the best buttons and the finest haberdasheries are sufficient (We only use the most beautiful fabrics, the best buttons and the finest haberdasheries). We apply the same quality requirements to our service as well as the coffee served in our shops.

Our shirts

Cloth and the amount of hours to produce a shirt sets the price

The 2 Shirt

  • MTM shirt
  • 12 boorden, 4 manchetten
  • Keuze uit 120 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 2 uur
  • Levertijd 4 weken

The 4 Shirt

  • Volledig op maat, inclusief houdingen
  • Keuze uit 90 boorden, 30 manchetten
  • Keuze uit 2.000 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 4 uur
  • Levertijd 5 weken

The 6 Shirt

  • Handgemaakt
  • Kragen en manchetten ook custom made
  • Keuze uit 2.000 stoffen
  • Gemaakt in 6 uur
  • Levertijd 6 weken


For our shirts we work with the cloths of Thomas Mason, DJ Anderson, Albatex, Canclini, Monti & Soctas. Most of the cotton comes from Egypte, Barbardos, America and in case of Soktas Turkey. For the 2 shirts we source the fairs from India. Besides cotton we have linen of course. You can choose like Oxford, fill a fill, twill, Panama, herring bones & pin point. For the 4 & 6 shirt we work solely with yarns that are twilled, two ply, with gives extra comfort and improves the durability.


A sense of style

Bespoke. Not made for everyone but especially for you. We can make anything you want, as long as we agree with it. At NEW TAILOR, we consider people as a source of inspiration. First, we like to focus on the perfect basic wardrobe since our suits are hardwearing. We adore the cool classic English style and we love the subtleness and refinedness of Italian tailoring. In addition, we like making special items such as hunting clothing, traveljackets and unique rally jackets.

Dress for the ocassion

Of course we can make your smoking shirt and white tie waistcoat and dress shirt. Most of the times we use a bib (front) in Marcella, as well as the cuff and collar. The front is than suitable for your beautiful studs. Besides shirts for your evening wear we offer a big range of more casual shirtings like jersey, jeans, printed cloths and brushed cotton. For casual we make your shirts preferably with a placket, single cuff and we use a thinner inter lining for the collar.

No one is average

Tailored clothing of NEW TAILOR ensures the right cut, appeal and comfort. Once your measurements and preferences are known, reordering is very easy. Until this moment, it is a true experience to determine the suitable cloth, lining, shape and fit. Your appearance is after all your everyday business card and determinant for your personal mood and that of your environment.