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NEW TAILOR has been the address for tailor-made clothing in the Netherlands since 1997, which breathes new life into the tailor’s tradition. A tailored suit, jacket or shirt is often seen as a luxury. Because nobody is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. We are ready for your smart casual outfit, your business suit, your wedding suit and for any other occasion. All our clothing is made to measure. Naturally we also advise you on a customized basis.

1. The different possibilities

In our store we drink an espresso and we would like to get to know you. We think it is important to know who you are and in which environment you like to wear certain items. After an introduction, we take you quietly through our different manufacturing methods, fabrics and options. Choose between wool, cotton, linen, silk or combinations. In addition, there are also various options in terms of making methods and the choices between which buttons, linings and details. At NEW TAILOR we make everything completely custom. We help you in the choices you can make. NEW TAILOR is one of the few tailors that can also make a full suit in her atelier.

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2. Measuring

At NEW TAILOR we tailor everything. That means after we have carefully written down your wishes, we will measure you. We will also put on a number of jackets or pants so that you can indicate your ideal fit. This is a precise process, but will not take longer than 15 minutes. We take into account, for example, wearing a watch or that you want to wear the pants slightly higher. Because we measure well, listen to you and our advice, we arrive at your ideal fitting made-to-measure clothing.

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3. Fit and take home

You have made your choices, your body measurements are known and your garments are designed. After 6 to 7 weeks, your made-to-measure clothing is delivered to us. We would like to make an appointment to fit your tailor-made shirt, trousers or jacket. Any changes will be adjusted immediately in our workshop.

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4. Espresso

Your sizes will remain known to us. We can easily pick out a shirt, pants or jacket together again. You are also always welcome to come and drink an espresso. Also don’t forget to bring your custom clothing. We also like to take care of your clothing so that you can enjoy it even longer. For maintenance or dry cleaning for your tailor-made clothing from NEW TAILOR you are also welcome with us.
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Make an orientation appointment in Amsterdam or Utrecht without any obligation and experience our hospitality and endless knowledge so that we can make the most beautiful bespoke outfit for you.

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