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Some examples of wedding suits that we have recently made with great pleasure can be found here. It is always a joy to put together the perfect outfit. Often the groom first comes for an orientation before determining the final fabric and the model. The process often takes a little longer than when choosing a ‘normal’ suit. Count on about 10 weeks lead time. Then no one is stressed.

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Mark trouwpak vest

Mark & Wendy

“On your wedding day you want to look tip-top to be able to shine next to your wife to be. Of course that includes a good suit. With a little arm length difference and an athletic build, a tailor-made suit is what you are looking for. After some internet research and a recommendation I ended up at NEW TAILOR in Utrecht, where I was perfectly helped to realize my desired suit. A suit for the day itself that could be transformed for different times of the day. In addition, I was looking for a suit that I not only could wear on the big day, but also in a business setting afterwards, because it is a shame to be able to wear a top suit only once. I wanted the suit to be three-piece with a waistcoat for the ceremony, during dinner more casual with only a waistcoat and during evening festive / gala style through the use of black suspenders. At NEW TAILOR they have an extremely wide choice of fabrics and color combinations to realize your dream suit for your wedding day and for afterwards. During the entire ordering and fitting process, more than enough time is taken in an informal setting to achieve a top result. The personal atmosphere, the expertise, love for suits and thinking along with others about how to realize was just great! Which of course is confirmed by the many and beautiful compliments I received on my fantastic outfit.”


Richenel trouwpak


Dion trouwpak
matthias trouwpak

Matthias & Esther

“I had been cycling past the store for years. And every time I had a look inside. There had to be a day when I came by to have a suit made. For my wedding I was not looking for a wedding suit, but for a beautiful tailor-made suit that I could still wear afterwards, and that worked out more than well! After a warm welcome, there was active participation. Tips were given. A tailor with a strong opinion, I can recommend it to everyone. Picking out the fabrics, discussing the wishes and passing them through really felt like a party. And then the big day was yet to come. In the meantime, I am still wearing the suit and there is more NEW TAILOR in my closet.”

Rick & Marijn

Trouwen trouwpak

Mischka & Heleen

Trouwen trouwpak


Rogier trouwpak


ruben trouwpak

Remy & Sofie

Trouwen trouwpak
“The people of NEW TAILOR immediately got excited when I told them I wanted a brown corduroy suit. The books with patches flew open and the two of them fanatically thought about what would be a good fabric. Ultimately it became a super tight light a bit shiny suit, which I still enjoy a lot. The sizes and finish are very nice and the suit fits like a glove. “
Photo:  Henk Hennuin,

Chris & Lisanne

Trouwen trouwpak
“That was a great experience! Of course the wedding itself, but also the process to have a suit made that matched the informal style of the party. The tailors at NEW TAILOR did a great job in translating the ideas into my head to a special end result I look back with great pleasure on the various visits to NEW TAILOR, which sometimes lasted a few hours. The result was not only a suit that came into its own at the party, but what I now also still wear regularly. “
Photo:  Marieke van der Heide (

Jasper & Claudia

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Trouwpak trouwen vest

Michael & Elena

Michael en Elena

Thijs & Charlotte

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Ross trouwpak

Ross & Jen

“I was an existing client at NEW TAILOR when I asked Jen to marry me and it really was a no-brainer to visit the team in Amsterdam for my wedding suit.  Their advice and expertise was exactly what I needed to make sure I could compliment Jen on our big day and the end result was just what I was looking for.   From the initial meeting onwards, the personal touch and individual care I encountered made the whole experience an integral part of the build up to our wedding.   Full marks to the team for delivering in true NEW TAILOR fashion – style, class and great people.”

Ashley & Marijke

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