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We are a specialist since 1997 for tailor made suits, shirts, jackets and other essentials for men. From smart casual to your tailcoat and overcoats. We still do some of the tailoring on our premisses. We make suits for men who choose their own style and choose the certainty of fit, our advice and the quality of real tailoring. We started our stores because we think it should Strat with your wishes. Most retailers do not think along with you and sell what they like. Of course we take you by the hand and like to build your complete wardrobe. One that sets you apart without being noticed. The attention for your appearance gives the certainty of an impactful message.

NEW TAILOR is the address for tailor-made clothing in the Netherlands since 1997 that revives the tailor’s tradition. A suit or shirt cut on the body is often seen as a luxury. Because nobody is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. Of course we also advise you to measure. After all, you are what you wear.

The full bespoke clothing is made in Utrecht and Amsterdam. We build a pattern on your body First in a cotton and in the second phase in the cloth of your choice. It takes about 5 fittings and the turn around time is 12 weeks depending in the capacity of course. See more at the 48 suit. The knowledge and flexibility of our own workshop we bring along to our partners in England, Italy, India and Poland where tailors produce your suits, jackets and shirts with our patterns. We ship the cloths to them.

We are not guided by fashion and conventions, but by the wearer, his wishes and the way he moves. With this, NEW TAILOR seamlessly integrates with the tradition of Savile Row. Attention to details and perhaps a little bit stubborn. Because everything is possible at NEW TAILOR; that is, as long as we agree with it of course.

Based on the body measurements, a unique pattern is made, the fabric is cut by hand and put together. The English suits are assembled with the machine. We prefer to do this with a full canvas for extra suppleness because the fabric adapts easily to the movements of the wearer. With half-canvas the inside is a bit firmer and the suit more formal. We also make a completely handmade suit in Italy; these suits are even smoother. The suits we make here at home are perhaps the most traditional. All by hand, with at least four fittings and with a flawless end result.

We are real tailors, we have 21 years of experience, an extensive choice of fabrics, work with only natural materials, are realy dedicated and have a full customer orientation. ‘We fit the head not the body’. Moreover, we do not let ourselves be distracted by confection and only make only tailor-made suits. We are the real specialist since 1997.

England is the cradle of style and tradition and (hence) also for suits and tailoring. The best fabrics have an English origin and the history of the suit also owes almost everything to the English court and the great military tradition. The Italians are known for their elegance and the beautiful fabrics with a little more shine. NEW TAILOR integrates these worlds. All flexibility is present to look neat, to move well and to feel hardly that you wear clothes. ‘A good suit earns itself back’.

Dormeuil,  Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Drapers, Harissons, LBD, Fisher, Dugdale, Lesser, Porter & Harding, John G. Hardy, Carnet, Caccioppoli, Drapers, Larusmani, Moons, Fox, James Hare Silks and a selection of our own cloths.

You and everyone else who wants to go through life in style. One customer has his suits and shirts made because it is easy for us to know his wishes and sizes and re-ordering is easy. The other customer comes to us with the extensive choice and unlimited possibilities. All customers come to us because we think along, understand and love our beautiful trade and our stores are relaxed and personal.

Evident. Appropriate suits, personal suits, perfect suits is our credo and explains it perfectly. A clothing size is based on averages, a (real) tailored suit is based on body measurements and any desired model can be made. Nobody is average or completely in balance. There are no unnecessary folds in a tailor-made suit, making it more beautiful. Due to a better quality, it often lasts longer. Moreover, a tailor-made suit is personal, because you compose the model yourself from your favorite fabric, lining and haberdashery.

In principle everything is possible as long as it can be called a jacket, trouser, waistcoat or suit. But only if we agree of course. We guard your wardrobe and presence. You can do everything: formal, casual, wider, slimmer, longer, shorter, English, Italian or American. We will gladly advise you on what suits you best. Of course we have a number of jackets to let you feel and see what we are planning. Important questions are, for example, how and when you wear the suit. What should the clothes tell about you? Does it have to be tightly cut or more nonchalant?

The first fit takes place after about five to six weeks. In the meantime, your measurements are analyzed, the amount of cloths determined, the fabric ordered and checked for flaws. Then the pattern is cut by hand and the jacket is put together in about 250 actions and the pants in 140 actions. After a final check, the suit is pressed. At the moment your suit arrives here, we check the suit again and we will send you a mail for an appointment. During this first fit, we will see together whether the suit is fully as we and you wish. We then complete your clothing within a week. After that you can wear it and we continue to monitor whether it is entirely to your satisfaction. In the case of an extra intermediate pass by means of a test-to-fit jacket or for a suit made in-house, the turnaround time is at least 4 weeks longer.

We still make a very small part in the house. The other suits and shirts are made entirely depending on the wishes and budget. Everything is size based on unique patterns and your body measurements. We work together with an English (Decode and Lambton Tailoring) and Italian (Sartoria Carrara) workshop for the suits. The English outsource some of the stitching to their own production line in India (silver Crest). Shirts are made in Poland with Emanuel Berg.

Maatpakken zijn verkrijgbaar vanaf €699 (The 8 Suit); gemiddeld besteden onze klanten €999. The 16 Suit start bij €899. De prijs wordt bepaald door de stof, de hoeveelheid stof en handwerk en waar we het laten maken. Ons 32 Suit begint op €1.899. In huis maken we pakken (the 48 Suit) vanaf €2.999. Maathemden zijn verkrijgbaar vanaf €99 tot €399.

In Utrecht you are most welcome Tuesday to Saturday; Tuesday and Friday we are 9.00-17.30, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.00 and 19.00 and on Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00. In Amsterdam Tuesday and Friday are open from 10.00-18.00 hours, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00-19.00 hours. Saturdays from 10-17 hours. We prefer to work by appointment to help you optimally. We also work on appointment at the beginning of the evening hours, if desired.

Yes, but of course we are in the city center. On and around the Minrebroederstraat and the Spiegelgracht it is paid parking. You will also find a parking garage in Amsterdam around the corner on Prinsengracht nr 540. In Utrecht La Vie and Griftpark are the nearest parking at only 8 minutes walk.

NEW TAILOR Utrecht is located on the corner of Minrebroederstraat and Korte Jansstraat. The Korte Jansstraat runs from the Janskerkhof to the Domplein. The Minrebroederstraat runs from the Korte Jansstraat to the town hall.

The Spiegelgracht is a ‘side street’ of the Stadshouderskade at the height of the Rijksmuseum (Museumplein). You will find us on the right side if you have the Rijks in your back. Walking from the center is therefore right. You can park in the Hoofdstadgarage (entrance on the Prinsengracht, 150 meters from Leidse cross street) or under the Museumplein (walk 600 meters below the Rijksmuseum tunneling).


Remove the bones from the collar before washing; Pull the shirtsleeves inside out and if necessary add a little green soap to the cuffs and collar. Put a maximum of six shirts in a drum and wash at 40 degrees. When the washing machine is ready, whisk your shirt off well and hang it in the wind to dry; so never in the dryer. To make ironing easier, your shirt should be slightly damp. And to avoid glare from the iron you can iron your shirts on the inside.

You should not wear your suits for too long and alternate regularly. Brush your clothes regularly so that there is no dirt in the clothes. Pull up your pants before sitting down. Always use a (wide) clothes hanger to hang your jacket. Applying with a steam iron is possible if you put a damp cloth between. If your suit has to go to the dry cleaner, make sure it is a good dry cleaner, who squeezes the suit by hand and does not squash it under a large machine. The lapel must continue to roll and the inside must not be affected. NEW TAILOR works together with a good dry cleaning, moreover we can also check the suit.

Any stains in a tie should be treated immediately with water (or in the case of red wine with white wine). Carefully dab the badger slightly. In the evening, put the badger in a jam jar with petrol. You hang the badger the next morning. The petrol is completely evaporated. If this is not enough, you can take it to a (good) dry cleaner who will take it apart and clean it.