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We like it. Do you want to know why? We love people, interesting people. And it is precisely those that often likes tailor-made clothing. And yes, we make the most beautiful suits, jackets and best shirts. Made-to-measure and bespoke clothing from NEW TAILOR ensures the right fit, appearance and convenience. Once we know your sizes and wishes, reordering is very easy. But only possible if we get to know you. And so it is a true experience (for you and us) to determine the fabric and to adapt the model and fit to you.

NEW TAILOR has been a tailor since 1997 for suits, jackets, tuxedos, overcoats, hunting clothes, jacquets, pants and shirts. For 20 years and so know what we are talking about. Fully customized because we determine the patterns based on your body measurements. Making new jackets or pants is the best thing there is and in both Utrecht and Amsterdam still daily.


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We do not settle for adjusting an existing pattern. We send the vast majority of our patterns with the fabric to England or Italy to have your clothes manufactured. We also have our own workshop in house. We prefer to make a tailor made suit from NEW TAILOR with a loose interior for more comfort and suppleness. Our suits start at € 699 (half canvas) and € 899 (full canvas) including all options and finishes. We take about one and a half hours to select and measure a tailor-made suit. The lead time of a suit is approximately six weeks!

In addition to our suits, we write books about style, such as the bestseller The Blue Book and how to build your personal brand: 101% IK. Our background in the hotel industry is still visible in our hospitality. And of course we know everything about the product and made books about it like Suitable sleep and Cotton to Shirt.

Our team is fairly stable and we are proud of that. Marcel has been working with us since 2001 and Stance since 2008. Anja and Pauline our master-makers were trained by Cees Janssens from 2004-2009. worked for us and is still responsible for the training of our tailors. Raoul is back in our store in Amsterdam after a short side step which says it all. Sjoerd has been marketing for us since 2015. Recently Pim and Jonne came to work for us as an extension of the team. We are still growing!

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  • William Van de Weg

    het goeie en gemotiveerde personeel. die de juiste service en producten leveren en aanmeten. En een top kwaliteit. gewoon een dikke 10 verdiend.

    Bas van Exter - Distinctly Different

    Great service, great fabrics and great people!

  • Peter Gaasbeek

    Professioneel, klantgericht en zeer vriendelijk! Vakmanschap. En altijd voelen ze aan wat voor mij het juiste is.

    Tom Wolbrink

    Persoonlijk en betrokken. Vakkundig en deskundig.

  • Niels Vullings

    In 1998 mijn eerste maatpak bij Roel en Hans . Top werk mannen!

    Silvester Spendel

    Gevoel voor stijl. Ze verstaan hun vak. Brengen je op ideeën waar je zelf misschien niet direct aan dacht. Maar naast hun vakkennis is het meest plezierige dat ze goed naar je luisteren. Je serieus nemen. Je komt altijd terug als je er eenmaal bent geweest.

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