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EST. 1997

If you want an unique piece of clothing and want help and expertise building your wardrobe you will come to us. So not only if you have problems fitting a of the rack suit but also if you like to award yourself. You deserve a bespoke service. It will last longer as well. For many it is the next step. More refined, better than your ready to wear suit or shirt. All models and options can be considered. It will be a tailored experience and is on the bucket list of all gentleman. Be aware. MTM and bespoke clothing is addictive. You can find the tailoring shops of NEW TAILOR in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

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NEW TAILOR is the place to be for bespoke clothing in the Netherlands since 1997. A bespoke suit or shirt is often considered a luxury, nonetheless, we rather view it is as a pleasant necessity. Our advice is obviously tailored to each individual. After all, you are what you wear (at least for others).


Our style is not guided by fashion or conventions, but rather by the wearer, his wishes and his movement. With this vision, NEW TAILOR seamlessly joins the Savile Row tailoring tradition. Attention to detail and perhaps a bit stubborn, everything is possible at NEW TAILOR. That is, as long as we agree.

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Cj van der Slikke

Bij New Tailor mijn trouwpak laten maken en dat is zeker aan te raden. Gedurende het proces namelijk zeer goed geholpen bij het uitzoeken van de stoffen als ook bij de diverse pasmomenten. Het eindresultaat was dan ook geweldig.

Gerben Janson

Goede service en advies

The 32-suit handgemaakt italiaans pak close-up


Suits and shirt of  NEW TAILOR gives you the certainty of the perfect fit, comfort and appearance. Once your measurements and preferences are known it also provides the easy reordering.  Every visit to our stores will be fun and an enlightment  of hospitality and craftsmanship. Clothing is your your first impression for others and will determine your mood partly. As a butler we will look after your appearance and wardrobe. We fit the head, not the body


We still make suits on the premises. This full bespoke suit gives the opportujnity to discuss even the canvas which will be build for you body. This sartorial experience is the best a gentleman can ask for. All steps, from a fitting in cotton to the last step of choosing the button wholes will be a tailored adventure that last a decade because we use the best cloths as well. Besides building the pattern and constructing your suit in Utrecht or Amsterdam we can send your pattern to England, India or Italia as well depending on the amount of handwork, the type of canvas and of course your budget. It starts with your wishes and expectations of the suit. Only the best cloths, buttons and trims are good enough for your suit and shirt.

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