Refined Tailoring

For the real enthusiast, we offer suits made completely by hand. With completely by hand we mean completely by hand, not placed under the sewing machine by hand. The 32 SUIT is recognised by its handmade buttonholes and its hand stitched pick-stitching on the lapels. In addition, a barely visible shirt sleeve technique is processed in this suit. The secret of this special technique is the thin asymmetric shoulder pads. Even more important is how the suit feels when wearing, as comfortable as a pyjama. This is the result of the handiwork in the collar, the shoulder and the sleeve head. In general, we use the same pattern which makes it easy to switch from one construction method to another.

“The handiwork in the construction results in a suit as comfortable as a pyjama. Lightweight and unprecedented flexibility”. – Marcel Marbus

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  • Sleeves, collar and lining fully sewed by hand. As a result the jacket is even more comfortable and fits more seamlessly than our 16 suit
  • Handmade buttonholes
  • Full canvas construction
  • Extensive choice of all possible details (e.g. pocket type, width lapels, etc.)
  • A wide selection of sleeve heads
  • One of multiple intermediate fittings
  • More than 90% of the 32 suit is made by hand
  • Cloths from among other Dormeuil, Harrisons, Dugdale, Zegna, Scabal and Drapers.
  • Delivery time varies from six to eight weeks
  • This suit is tailored in approximately 32 hours


Suits from € 1.899,-
Jacket from € 1.399,-
Trousers from € 549,-


Different cloths


Unique patterns


Different buttons


Or more intermediate fittings

  • The 8 Suit
  • 699Available form
    • Half canvas
    • Large selection of sleeve heads
    • 122 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 8 hours

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Best Seller
  • The 16 Suit
  • 899Available from
    • Full canvas construction
    • Large selection of sleeve heads
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 16 hours

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Best choice
  • The 32 Suit
  • 1.899Available from
    • Full canvas construction
    • Feels as comfortable as wearing a pyjama
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 32 hours

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  • The 48 Suit
  • 2.999Available from
    • 100% Handmade
    • Completely made in our atelier
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 32 hours

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