Modern Craftsmanship

For over fifteen years we have worked with our British atelier to make bespoke suits, jackets and trousers. There are endless possibilities to create the desired and our close collaboration with the workshop enables us to determine the suitable interfacing and patterns.

``NEW TAILOR gebruikt verschillende verwerkingswijzen. De namen van onze pakkenlijnen zijn gebaseerd op het aantal uren dat nodig is om een pak te vervaardigen. De maakwijze, en daarnaast de stof, bepalen derhalve ook de prijs en het draagcomfort.`` - Roel Wolbrink

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  • Full canvas construction in winter of summer variation
  • A unique pattern is made according to your measurements
  • Possible to choose a natural, Neapolitan or English roped sleeve head
  • Extensive choice of all possible details (e.g. pocket type, width lapels, etc.)
  • Many different weights of canvas (summer-winter)
  • One or multiple intermediate fitting
  • Cloths from among other Dormeuil, Harrisons, Porter & Harding, Dugdale, Zegna and Scabal
  • Delivery time varies from five to six weeks
  • This suit is tailored in approximately 16 hours


Suits from € 899,-
Jacket from € 649,-
Trousers from € 299,-


Different cloths


Unique canvas


Different buttons


or more intermediate fittings

  • The 8 Suit
  • 699Available form
    • Half canvas
    • Large selection of sleeve heads
    • 122 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 8 hours

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Best Seller
  • The 16 Suit
  • 899Available from
    • Full canvas construction
    • Large selection of sleeve heads
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 16 hours

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Best choice
  • The 32 Suit
  • 1.899Available from
    • Full canvas construction
    • Feels as comfortable as wearing a pyjama
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 32 hours

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  • The 48 Suit
  • 2.999Available from
    • 100% Handmade
    • Completely made in our atelier
    • 500 available cloths to choose from
    • Made in 32 hours

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