‘Finest bespoke tailors in Amsterdam &¬†Utrecht since 1997’

NEW TAILOR is the place to be for tailored clothing in the Netherlands. Since 1997, the traditional company re-vitalises the tailoring industry. A bespoke suit or shirt is often considered a luxury, nonetheless, we rather view it is as a pleasant necessity. Our advice is obviously tailored to each individual. After all, you are what you wear (at least for others).

Our counsel is not guided by fashion or conventions, but rather by the man in person his wishes and his movement. With this vision, NEW TAILOR seamlessly joins the Savile Row tailoring tradition. Attention to detail and perhaps a bit stubborn, everything is possible at NEW TAILOR. That is, as long as we agree.


Tailored clothing of NEW TAILOR ensures the right cut, appeal and comfort. Once your measurements and preferences are known, reordering is very easy. Until this moment, it is a true experience to determine the suitable cloth, lining, shape and fit. Your appearance is after all your everyday business card and determinant for your personal mood and that of your environment. For this reason, we regularly watch over your wardrobe.

Bespoke Shirts


The suit is fully bespoke since we determine patterns according to your personal measurements. Simply adapting or adjusting existing patterns is not enough to meet our standards. It starts with your desires and the most refined cloths. Only the most beautiful fabrics, the best buttons and the finest haberdasheries are sufficient. We apply the same quality requirements to our service as well as the coffee served in our shops.

Bespoke Suits